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Winuz Text2Image Converter 1.0

                   --  A nice text to image converter software

    Winuz Text2Image Converter is a powerful converter tool that allow you create picture from your documents. When you want to show your text on the web using its original format settings ( e.g. its particular font, size, color and iconograph ), you need it. When you want to share your letters, atricles or some brilliant text with your overseas friends, but their computer use a different character set so that they can't display it corrently, you need it. When you want to protect your copyright and prevent vistors from copy, paste your text on the web, Winuz Text2Image Converter is also a great assistant for you .


  Winuz Text2Image Converter provides a powerful embed text editor .

  Provides a simple image editor .

  Custom the size for your resulting image .

  Support watermark function. Mark your picture using text or image.

  Support output into BMP, JPG, JPEG, GIF image format .